Intuitive Coaching

Connect to what you are seeking, that you innately already have!

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What is an Intuitive Coach?

An intuitive coach is someone who encourages women to embrace their deeper knowing in a supportive, nurturing way by walking alongside and collaboratively assisting the re-membering of our individual mission and our contract of genius, the REAL reason we are all here.


Are you ready to sing your song and dance your dance?

What will it take for you to embrace and finally unleash your hidden strengths, talents, passions, longings and your creative genius?

Are you ready to swing into all of the beautiful sassy pieces that make you a remarkable, magical and deeply loving, exceptional woman who taps into her divine essence?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, or if these questions spoke to you, please contact Dee for a free connection call. You CAN achieve all your heart desires. You just have to do the work and commit to the journey and transformation of yourself.  

Let’s walk in the red shoes! If you are looking for an Intuitive Coach who can inspire and encourage you to look deep within, to be courageous in your journey and become passionate about your life again, to really unearth the creative genius that lies within and unleash your divine and holy poetic voice from the shackles of our patriarchal system, then Dee would love to work with you.

My desire is to embrace, empower and encourage women to speak their truth and ignite their passion.
— Dee Petit