About Sassy Red

Sassy Red Ltd., was formed with a true passion to help raise the spirit of people through life-changing events. We are fully committed to promoting personal growth through creative workshops and programs that bring people together to experience inspiriting, empowering, transforming and heart centered revelations that assist them to awaken to the powerful life force within themselves and walk the road to freedom.

Sassy Red Ltd acquired it's name by reminding us to stand strong in our beliefs. When we are being 'Sassy', we are Standing in our Truth!

At Sassy Red, we bring an extraordinarily rich combination of knowledge, skills, individual life journeys, unique talents, gifts and passion into every aspect of our business.

We are a true catalyst for change!

It takes commitment and deep intentional personal work, to uncover all that no longer serves you so you can create a sustainable, vibrant way of life for yourself and those around you.  Here at Sassy Red we will support you to dance through these layers in a nurturing, soul-connecting way. It is time to return to your heart, to make sure you are taking care of yourself, your needs and trusting your intuition, the wise messenger.


The Women behind Sassy Red

It is vital to have a deeply supportive community in order to claim back your power and divinity – somewhere you feel totally nurtured to open up and speak your truth. Our desire is to assist you to STAND UP and be your vibrant Sassy Self with love and conviction for life and all it is meant to be. To inspire others through your dynamic and influential presence daily and live your soul’s purpose.

To thine own self be true!


Dee Petit

Coaches intuitively,teaches passionately and weaves the webs that brings women together enabling them to connect with a deeper part of themselves hidden by a life of societal conditioning.

Dee’s passion is to inspire, coach and teach people to find their authentic self that is wanting to be explored and expressed through creative dance, meditation and creativity. To find one’s Magic, to sing one’s Song!

Dee dives deeply in the river with you to unearth the longing of your soul, to unlock your deep seeded sageness so that you can find the courage to stand up and truly speak the wisdom that lies within you. As you get glimpses of your innate beautiful self, your fire and passion are fueled, which sparks your divine uniqueness and allows you to generously share this with the world.   Dee brings an extraordinarily rich combination of wisdom, ingenuity, creativity and passion into every aspect of her coaching.

Dee is a Certified Life Coach, meditation teacher of The School of Remembering, and a facilitator of women’s empowerment workshops and youth leadership programs in New Zealand. Denise (Dee) integrates over 25 years’ experience as the CEO of several businesses and her extensive marketing and sales management background with her true passion to assist people in re-discovering their strengths and confidence in order to enhance or transform the quality of their personal and professional lives.


Saila Wood

I believe every person is here on our magnificent Earth at this time to bring their deep, inner wisdom and soul-truth to the world.  To reunite their Divinely Unique Inner Self with the soulful remembrances of collective harmony.  In the words of Michael Meade ‘The medicines needed for healing the chaos and conflicts in the outer world can only be found in the depths of the individual soul.’  My passion is to bring forth my unique genius to inspire and support others in becoming agents of healing and change in a world that has gone wrong.  My longing and your longing and the world’s longing are all the same…..it is time for us to unite in strength and holy poetic wisdom.  Blessings to us all in this inner and outer dance of enlightenment.  With love always, Saila Wood


Waveney Grace Thode

Waveney is a compassionate, wise Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Reiki & Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Guide. She is passionate about living a heart centred life. Her life-long work is to bring men and women to awaken and remember who they truly are. She is a guide to ascension and helping students move from the duality of 3D consciousness into the unity of 5D consciousness. Her recent focus is working with women and bringing through and awakening the energy of the divine feminine, empowering women on all levels. She has worked extensively with many healing modalities to assist people heal past traumas, limiting beliefs and to live an authentic, heart centred life. Her recent healing experience with clients is using sound and light frequencies in the form of Aurasoma and Acutonics. Waveney is honoured and privileged to bring you the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” meditation. Having experienced her own heart awakening and witnessing this in many others, she is delighted to facilitate the empowering and beautiful workshop of Awakening the Illuminated Heart of the Goddess.