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Call of the Wild Woman Course - “The Innate Predator of the Psyche”

  • Titirangi Community House 500 South Titirangi Road Auckland, Auckland, 0604 New Zealand (map)

An on-going study course of the book

“Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

What stands behind the locked door to your psyche?

What part of you has been severed in your present life and your ancestral bloodline?

What key would open the door to the mysteries of your creative wild feminine?


The innate predator of the psyche is an internal archetypal representation of the dark man that inhabits all women’s psyche who is elusive, unsafe, deceitful and does not want to be exposed. An indisputable force that requires our awareness and containment. It is the dark side of the Self. The challenge with all archetypal energies is to learn how to relate to them without being controlled or dominated. As with wolves, the wild woman must learn not to be naive and give away her instinctual power, intuition, keen sensing, wild passion and creative potential while being memorized and restrained by this immeasurable destructive illusion.

The emphasis in this 6-week ongoing study course of the book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, is to walk alongside the Bluebeard story and reveal the shadows lurking deep within the soul who’s desire is to kill our light by filing it with hatred and fear.  Women will use creative expression, active imagination, conscious writing, word affiliations, and dream interpretation in our sacred circle to unlock the doors to greater awareness of their wise woman and her ability to return to her deep-rooted nature that is sustained in her thoughts, feelings, creativity and actions.  Women will begin to heal emotional wounds of the present life and their ancestral bloodline that destroys a woman’s life force potential, robust curiosity and her fundamental soul power. An example is when a naive woman continues to wear rose colored glasses when choosing a life partner and is caught up in the web of the romancing predator. The illusion that “he/she is such a nice person eventually reflects the mirror of one’s own low self-esteem, unworthiness, selfless love which leads women to look for love outside themselves rather than learning to love & accept themselves while dancing with their wild woman that is longing to be seen, heard and witnessed.

Facilitated by Dee Petit, a Certified Abundant Life Coach, meditation teacher for the School of Remembering and facilitator of young and mature Woman’s Empowerment Workshops throughout Auckland. Dee was trained to work with women to assist and reclaim back their power by the famous Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, certified Psychoanalyst, Jungian analyst, storyteller and post-trauma recovery specialist and international bestselling author of “Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

Call of the Wild Woman Course

“The Innate Predator of the Psyche”

Tuesdays starting February 12 thru March 19, 2019

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Titirangi Community House - 500 South Titirangi Road - Titirangi

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $200 before FEB 8

$222 investment
Limited Seats Available. Reserve your space.


How Wild Woman helps women? Wild Women provides a safe space for women to explore the Wild Woman archetype and reconnect with the authentic, wild and free parts of themselves which are often pushed down and ignored, from years of striving to meet others expectations of being 'the good girl', the 'quiet and well behaved one', a woman that followed the rules.  Reading a feminist classic like 'Women Who Run With The Wolves with a group of other women from different backgrounds and life stages brings the stories alive, and provides so much more depth as the stories are reflections of both the collective and the individual. Reconnecting with that inner wild woman has helped me to gain more clarity on what I want to do in my life, how I want to spend my time, and also live with more passion and  joy. It was a beautiful experience that Dee created, as she held space for each of us to open up our hearts and at times delve into areas which were raw and vulnerable, but felt safe to share in the container she created, and with the other women who were attracted to the circle. Dee's course helped cement my decision to train as a life coach, as well as become a Qoya teacher. I discovered Qoya ( the same year I attended Dee's Wild Woman circle, and they complimented and built off each other, as they both shook me to the core. Qoya was founded by Rochelle Scheick, and is a dance movement system that is based on the idea that through movement we remember. I am now an feminine empowerment coach and Qoya teacher. I hold space for women (particularly Mums) to slow down, get out of their head and reconnect with their feminine body and in turn their feminine power. Supporting them to reconnect to their wise, wild, sensual, free self; and to live a calmer, more connected life with more flow and ease.  - Elanor Murphy

The opportunity to participate in this course was presented at a time when I was under significant career pressures. I was captured by Dee's advertisement suggesting that I could still find out who I was underneath all the layers of my life. I loved the story of the Skeleton Woman  and the experience of laying my own life down next to hers and hence understanding my own self better. Each evening was a chance to share my experience of my week with the group and then be a part of a grounding meditation before we began our learning with Dee and reconnect with our instinctive selves. I Thank Dee and the ladies I met and connected with in this course for being the bridge over a very challenging period of my life. - R. Turner

I closed a very important ‘first chapter’ last night. I feel so blessed to have attended such an amazing workshop, overflowing with such richness, support, and encouragement. But most importantly, love. Love for being human, for being a woman, and for life and all its flaws. I also want to express my gratitude for meeting Dee, a wonderful woman, and amazing teacher. Dee, You have made me think, process and confront a lot of things. Here is to you, and to you building a community of like minded souls who are eager to learn and transform. Thank you and good luck Dee, I cannot wait to see your work manifest and touch many more lives. Sheryl Lopes

I cannot thank Dee enough for creating a workshop where women of all ages can come together in circle. Her course is not only the study of the book 'Women who Run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, it is also a space to connect with the creative and playful 'Wild Woman' that exists within us all. Dee has the ability to hold space for each woman in the room and help guide her towards her own place of peace and empowerment. It is a course of healing, transformation, and storytelling." — Jessica Pearson

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