God Save The Queen


From my own inner core, and from the voice of babes, we as females have a longing to play dress up and put on a cape and a crown and wave our magic wands in hopes of making all of our dreams and wishes come true.

When my granddaughter Hannah-Rose was 4 years old we played dress up one day, as we did when we were together, and she put a crown on my head and cloaked me with a cape sewn of red satin and waved her magic wand over my head and said, “I am giving you a new name, Queen Grandma”.

Who me… A Queen?

I have always loved the fact that my granddaughter gave me the title of Queen and found it quite amusing to hear Hannah-Rose and her brothers call me that whenever they talked with me. It wasn’t till recently through studying that I learned the Queen's archetype and how her pattern of influences were playing out in my life. The good and the shadow!

I have discovered that archetypes form the basis of all uneducated, instinctive patterns of behavior in our lives that are both ancient and universal. These powerful universal symbols exist in our collective consciousness hanging over our individual psyche like a shadow affecting our behavior and our lives.

All archetypes have a positive side as well as a "shadow" side. We can also relate to them as being cherished partners that provide the basic structure for our motivations, beliefs, personal identity and actions.

I have explored the Queen archetype that I was crowned with and I am genuinely learning more each day how to embrace her and love her as well as tame her! The Queen archetype represents a loyal companion, powerful leader, responsible and loving goddess that acts with benevolence for her community and her country. She is the Mother, Lover and the Warrior. She is generous, wise and is great at delegating, supporting and being in charge much like the Queen B in her hive. 

But the shadow side of the Queen can make challenging demands on those around her whom need a wee push to motivate them to take responsibility for their actions and stop playing small and being a victim. She can summon them to walk their talk and step up with grace and dignity in the world that they live in. God Save the Queen!

We all have a shadow side that needs to be acknowledged and at times tamed. We as women have a longing to heal deep rooted wounds that have been carried in our blood lines for generations. It is time to untie oneself, to be free of the bonds – the false and negative beliefs that hold us back from believing that we are worthy and that we have so much to contribute to the world. To love our selves unconditionally and open our heart and mind to the gentle rhythms that can restore our sense of balance and equilibrium. 

This is a landmark time in my life, for this year I turn 60 and therefore I am wasting no time in stepping out in my red shoes of instinctual wildness, embracing my inner genius and calling forth my self-expression, soul-expression and soul-satiation throughout this next cycle in my life.

Life is a continuous cycle of Life/Death/Life and as we end one cycle and birth the new, we find the strength and courage to follow the new phases, projects and transformations that come with what our heart and soul is longing to experience and embrace at specific times in our lives. This year for my birthday prezzie to myself, I am attending two courses that I am thrilled and humbled to take part in. They are both calling me to witness, study and learn from for my essential perpetual souls growth. I have enclosed the details for them at the end of the blog.

As I grow and learn from educated teachers, trusted advisers and credible mentors,  I reach out to inspire and encourage women to look deep within as well, to be courageous and vulnerable in their journey and become passionate about their life again, to really unearth the creative genius that lies within and be one who sings her own song.

By God saving the Queen - or I saving myself, I AM THAT I AM, I can only hope to assist another along their way to freedom. To be less than I am is impossible!

"I reckon that given a cape and a crown I could help change the World." - Dee Petit

Thank you for reading my first blog and I do pray that in some way, I have sparked a fire within you to stop and look at the archetypes that are lurking in the shadows of your psyche and call them out to be seen, loved and tamed for your highest good!

Please feel free to visit me in the future for I will be sharing my experiences of the times I spent with Dr. Estés and Michael Meade.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dee Petit, director @ Sassy Red

Please visit www.sassyred.com for upcoming workshops that assist women to use their intuitive inner guidance, heal ancestral wounds and embrace their creative genius that is longing to be heard so that they can manifest the life that they love!


Singing Over the Bones
A 5-Day Facilitator Educational Training
with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés author of “Woman who run with the Wolves”
July 18 thru 23 in Colorado.



Dr. Estés will use two of her signature stories from “Women who run with the Wolves” to teach how to lay down your life next to her story lines, to use each one as a guiding light for revelations and growth. She will also instruct how to teach others, particularly girls and young women of the new millennium, to use the book as a personal guide and companion.

Students we will hear Dr. Estés intentions in the work, her depth of perceptions into the female psyche, and her personal guidance as we investigate our wild and creative nature with her through the teachings. Dr Estés will explore how to incorporate this necessary archetypal wisdom into our own life, as well as her insights on the most potent ways to teach her work to others.

Inner Work, Outer Change ~ Following the Arc of the Soul
A Retreat for Women and Men, Mentors and Teachers, Artists and Activists
An intensive four-day retreat with mythologist & storyteller Michael Meade
September 14th – 17th in Port Orchard, Washington


The great unrest throughout the world reflects a lack of soulful connections within collective life as well as a loss of the arc of imagination that can rise from the depths of the human soul.

The inner arc of imagination involves the destiny of our soul and includes the uncovering and delivering of what was hidden in us all long. Responding to the pull of the inner gradient and finding life-long initiatory paths comprises the “real work” and genuine opus of our lives.

Michael's trainings tune into the exact speech of our soul and to changes that the deep self would have us make in order to move further along the paths of healing and self-revelation. It is also about finding ways to be agents of healing and change in a world gone wrong.

Dee Petit