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Call of the Wild Woman Course @ Sharda Centre

  • Sharda Centre 15 Percy Graham Drive Tuakau, Waikato, 2121 New Zealand (map)

A study course and introduction to the book,

“Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

Life/Death/Life Cycles of Relationships

Have you lost your instinctual sense of direction due to society’s expectations and demands?

Would you like to connect with and reclaim your intuitive self and ignite the fire of your passions?

Are you ready to unearth the parts of you that you have lost, given away or were taken from you?


Many women know that something’s missing and sense a call toward a larger, a more fertile life but they don’t know what to do. Join us in exploring and reclaiming our creative intuitive nature as we sit in a sacred women’s circle together and explore stories and myths on how to regain our divine feminine birth-right and empower the wild woman within that is longing to thrive. We will use creative expression, active imagination, conscious writing, word affiliations, and dream interpretation techniques to uncover parts of us that are lost or hidden deep within us.

The emphasis in this 7-week course is based on the perceptions of the female psyche, the shadow, archetypal realities and the life/death/life cycles of relationships. Women are encouraged to walk beside the stories we study to enter the depths of the underworld (subconscious mind) to retrieve and restore parts of their authentic self which are lost or lay dormant so that they may experience spiritual vitality and liberation in their life once again. Let’s contact this fundamental and ancient layer of our being, the realm of the wild woman.


Facilitated by Dee Petit, a Certified Abundant Life Coach, teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart Meditation Courses and facilitator of young and mature Woman’s Empowerment Workshops throughout Auckland. Dee was trained to work with women to assist and reclaim back their power by the famous Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, certified Psychoanalyst, Jungian analyst, storyteller and post-trauma recovery specialist and international bestselling author of “Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

Call of the Wild Woman 7 week course

Mondays March 4 thru April 15, 2019

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Sharda Centre
15 Percy Graham Drive - Tuakau

$255 investment for course
Limited Seats Available. Reserve your space.


Thank you Dee for the wonderful 7 week course, Call of the Wild Woman. You created a lovely gentle and compassionate space for us all to learn and share within. You encouraged us to listen to our own inner voices and become aware of how our lives related to what we were learning from Clarissa’s book. Your enthusiasm for the creative aspect of each one of us has spurred us on to enjoy being creative, and in so doing touch that wonderful childlike quality that is in us all. Which helps us to touch base with our Wild Woman - (wild as in nature not as in out of control),  therefore our natural selves, that are often buried beneath expectations of how we “should” be, and the roles we play in life. Dearest Dee,  thank you so much for offering us this wonderful course, and also follow ups for next year - wow!!! - Y. Davidson

“Dee has a beautiful, compassionate way of holding space for the women she gathers. It was a magical 7 weeks shared, of learning and growing together as a collective.The book itself helps draw out parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten or neglected and helps us to gather and reclaim our truth, to live a life of freedom, untamed, in full expression. Thanks so much to Dee for a beautifully, transformation time together.” - A. Willougby


The opportunity to participate in this course presented at a time when I was under significant career pressures. I was captured by Dee's advertisement suggesting that I could still find out who I was underneath all the layers of my life. I loved the story of the Skeleton Woman  and the experience of laying my own life down next to hers and hence understanding my own self better. Each evening was a chance to share my experience of my week with the group and then be a part of a grounding meditation before we began our learning with Dee and reconnect with our instinctive selves. I Thank Dee and the ladies I met and connected with in this course for being the bridge over a very challenging period of my life. - R. Turner


This course was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect to my wild woman energy. Dee's knowledge of the work of Clarissa Pinkole Estes helped me gain a deeper understanding of it, from which I experienced healing and resolve. - L. Belworth


"I cannot thank Dee enough for creating a workshop where women of all ages can come together in circle. Her course is not only the study of the book 'Women who Run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, it is also a space to connect with the creative and playful 'Wild Woman' that exists within us all. Dee has the ability to hold space for each woman in the room and help guide her towards her own place of peace and empowerment. It is a course of healing, transformation, and storytelling." - J. Pearson


I closed a very important “first chapter’ last night. I feel so blessed to have attended such an amazing workshop, overflowing with such richness, support and encouragement. But most importantly, love. Love for being human, for being a woman and for life and all its flaws. I also want to express my gratitude for meeting Dee, a wonderful woman and amazing teacher. Dee, you have made me think, process and confront a lot of things. Here is to you and to you building a community of like-minded souls who are eager to learn and transform. Thank you and good luck Dee, I cannot wait to see your work manifest and touch many more lives. - Sheryl LP